LeGrand the Florist

LeGrand the Florist suffered a catastrophic loss as the florist and the home of Mark and Tonya LeGrand completely burned to the ground on the morning of January 2, 2018. The loss of the florist after almost 60 years and the personal loss to Mark and Tonya cannot be expressed. LeGrand the Florist has touched the lives of so many people, with flowers and customer service unmatched through generations. The outpouring of appreciation for the services provided over the years has been heartwarming. We offer a sincere thank you to everyone in the community who has expressed their grief and sadness during this difficult time.

We reach out to those whom LeGrand the Florist may have touched and ask that you donate to help. Donations will be used for immediate needs, loss of sales, recovery of materials, medications, daily living, unknown expenses, and then future plans as they unfold.

Thank you so much for your continued support and contributions.

Official GoFundMe Page